St Kitts & Nevis

Citizenship By Investment, Starting from USD 150,000

Overview of St Kitts & Nevis

The Citizenship by Investment and second passport St. Kitts & Nevis was recognized in 1984, moreover is the fastest and most trusted citizenship program of the Caribbean. Its passport is ranked 32nd strongest passport with Visa Free access to all Schengen States, UK and Singapore.

Rolling landscapes in a thousand shades of green. Shimmering aqua blue waters lapping upon corrugated shores notched with secret white sand beaches. The verdant peak of towering volcano, rising majestically above lush rainforests, massive beds of offshore coral, teeming with fish of every stripe and colour.

Start Your Application Today

  • Start Your Application Today Minimum investment of USD 200,000 in real estate
  • Contribute to sustainable growth fund starting from USD 150,000;

Options for Investment

An investment in pre- approved real estate projects-

With either by investing US$400,000, the investor can buy a property in St Kitts and Nevis under any approved real estate and can obtain citizenship for his family. The property can be resold after five years. Or the investor can invest in a shared real estate which will cost of minimum US$200,000. The shared property can be resold in seven years.

Contribution to the Sustainable Growth Fund (SGF)-

Sustainable Growth Fund focuses to enhance the quality of services provided for education, health, employment and infrastructure. The applicant can contribute to the fund by donating minimum of US$150,000 and qualify 4 family members to obtain citizenship. This is a special offer by St Kitts government and is only valid till 31st Dec 2020.

Eligibility criteria-

  • The St. Kitts & Nevis SGF Citizenship-by-Investment Program requires an applicant to make a significant financial investment into the country in return for citizenship for the applicant and his/her family.
  • To qualify for citizenship, the main applicant must be over 18 years of age and meet the due diligence requirements.
  • Should be a business owner or investor and have clean Police Clearance certificate and health certificate.
  • Needs to have outstanding character.

Few of the Passport St Kitts And Nevis Benefits include-

  • Irrecoverable citizenship once granted.
  • 154 visa free travel, which includes European countries, UK, the EU, and Brazil etc.
  • No requirement of stay in country during or after application period
  • Allowing you to maintain your current citizenship
  • Hassel free process.
  • Fast and easy process, allowing you to have passport within 03 to 04 months.
  • No interview and English language requirements



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