Citizenship By Investment, Starting from USD 250,000

Overview of Turkey

Turkey has 53rd strongest passport in the world, with access to more than 115+ countries visa free travel, Turkey Is the most favoured destination in Europe. The revised turkish citizenship by investment program was introduced earlier in September 2018 for real estate investors. Investors can be benefited by re-selling the property after a period of time or can benefit themselves from rental income.

The application process is straight forward and the investor can have their 2nd passport in minimum of two months’ time. There is no requirement for investor to declare assets or how the income is generated and most importantly there is no physical stay required. Having this passport can also benefit applicants to relocate in both The UK and USA, under various visa categories.

With the revised citizenship by investment program, an individual can qualify for 2nd passport by:

  • Investing in a Turkish real estate property of US $ 250,000 which need to be hold for minimum three years.
  • Investment of US$ 500,000 in either of the following
    • Either bank deposit in a Turkish bank
    • As a capital investment in Turkey

Eligibility for Turkish 2nd passport:

  • Investor should be more than 18 years of age
  • Should not have any criminal record
  • Should be in good health
  • Investor should have high net worth
  • Should pass due diligence check

Benefits of Turkish citizenship by investment:

  • Fastest processing of passport within 60 days.
  • No contribution needed, investor can buy one or more property worth US$ 250,000
  • Can have rental income over purchased property or can resale property in three years
  • Investor can include spouse, kids below 18 years and special kids of any age to the application
  • No residency obligation to visit Turkey during or after attaining Citizenship
  • Dual citizenship is allowed
  • Lifetime citizenship is granted to all family members applying
  • Only country passport which allows to relocate in the UK or USA
  • No age and education barrier
  • Free education, health care and pension schemes included in program


One can get citizenship of Turkey through birth, naturalization, adoption and by investment.

One of the major reasons for the popularity of Turkish residency investment program is that the Turkish Government decision to lower the real estate investment for citizenship acquisition to $250,000 (from $1m) making it one of the cheapest, most desirable CIPs available.

Minimum investment requirements are as follows: Real Estate Investment $250,000, Bank Deposit $500,000 and a Capital Investment of $500,000.

Turkish passport entitles one to visa free travel to 115 countries.

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