Provincial Nomination Program

Special Provincial Program for Canadian Citizenship

Overview of Provincial Nomination Program

Provincial Nomination Program

PNP (Provincial Nomination Program) – Various provinces of Canada provincial nominee program comes up with a list of skilled occupations as per the shortage of professionals they are facing. It’s mostly for experienced professionals based on National Occupation Classification (NOC) codes. If applicant’s NOC code is in the demand list, and they fulfil other requirements they can receive a nomination from the government. The submission can be either paper based or through Express Entry. Post selection 600 points will be added to their Express Entry (if applicable).

Points to rank the application and eligibility are evaluated based on:-

  • Age- Should be 18 +
  • Education- Should have at least a Diploma/ Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university.
  • Experience- Should have more than a year of professional experience.
  • Language competency- Either English or French.
  • Adaptability factors (if applicable)- Relative in Canada, Spouse language competency, Previous study or work of applicant in Canada and Arranged employment of Spouse in Canada.
  • LMIA approval letter for applicant.

If you qualify with the above criteria and secure the minimum score of 67 (Express Entry Program) or 60 (PNP Program), you become eligible to apply for Canada Skilled Immigration.
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Steps to apply for Express Entry/ PNP program

  1. Education Credential Assessment (ECA) to evaluate education as per Canadian standards.
  2. Language ability test for either English or French.
  3. Lodging of Express Entry/ PNP program profile online while using profession experience classification.
  4. Increase chances of getting invited through either receiving job offer or increasing points.
  5. Post receiving invite, completing all formalities until visa stamping.

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