Why Opting for a Grenada Citizenship Can Be a Turning Point

May 6, 2021 |

Grenada citizenship has changed the lives of people from various parts of the world; especially that of Indians. Many have moved and many are yet to go and make a permanent home there. This country has been considered to be a turning point in everyone’s life from other countries. If you are still in the phase of deciding whether to apply for Grenada citizenship by investment, well, you have come to the right place. Read on and know more and add value to your decision further.

What is Grenadian citizenship?

It won’t be wrong to say that this citizenship is the gateway to enter the United States of America. Getting citizenship in the USA is not that easy. Indians want to be a part of that country sooner or later. When people find it difficult to get a US visa directly, they opt for this option. 

However, when it comes to Grenada’s citizenship by investment, applicants have to invest either $150,000 as a specific donation or $220,000 in the real estate project approved by the government. Also, the applicant has to maintain his or her property investment for at least 5 years in Grenada.

How does this work?

Let us get to it with the help of a simple example. Suppose you are a person X from India, and you want to settle in the USA; however, with the growing restrictions on immigration in the country, getting citizenship to that country is just a hard nut to crack. What is the alternative? It is Grenadian citizenship. Grenada has a treaty with the USA—E 2 Visa. With this visa, one can easily obtain entry into the USA. 

Why choose this citizenship?

Once your citizenship gets approved in Grenada, you have the door opened to be a part of the USA. It hardly takes 30 to 90 days to get your application approved. If you check the records, you will find the increase in this country’s citizenship only to make their way to the USA. 

Apart from the final result, the process is quite smooth too. One who applies for this citizenship doesn’t have to be present in the country to apply for this citizenship. Staying at a remote location, you can apply and execute all the steps. 

The program is specially designed for investors from across the globe. Indian investors are diving into it for their grand ticket to the big country. Few things that one must keep in mind when applying for this citizenship are mentioned below.

  • Your income should be high and stable so that your investment prospect is calculated
  • You should have no criminal record
  • You should be in the pink of your health
  • Your documents should be legit and free from any flaw

Once these points are fulfilled, there is nothing that can stop you. This indirect way of being a citizen of the USA has been gaining attention not just from the people of India but from other countries too. One of the countries that even kids know about is the USA. Why not take the opportunity of Grenada citizenship when it is the easiest and the best way of being in the USA with your family. It is your golden ticket. 

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