St Kitts and Nevis Citizenship program – All you need to know

October 14, 2020 |

An introduction to St Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by investment program:

The passport St kitts and Nevis Citizenship program is one of the oldest and most popular Investment program for second passport. This program was started in early 1984, when the country got its freedom. With its tropical weather, clear water and increasing tourism, these two beautiful islands have excellent status and are very well considered. St Kitts passport is a tremendous second passport option for visa free travel to more than 133+ countries.

Why choose St Kitts Citizenship program?
Out of the many reasons to pursue St Kitts Citizenship program, listed are few motives to encourage you.

  • Dual Citizenship-

    St Kitts allows dual citizenship, allowing investor to retain former citizenship.

  • No interview, education or English language requirement-

    St Kitts allows dual citizenship, allowing investor to retain former citizenship.

  • Residency requirement-

    There is no physical residency needed for applicant or family members to stay in St Kitts during or after receiving Citizenship. Lifetime Citizenship is guaranteed to all family members and is irrevocable.

  • Process time-

    Fast processing of application within four to six months

Citizenship Benefits

  • Visa free travel to more than 130 countries including all EU Schengen countries, UK, Switzerland, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc.
  • No income or wealth tax
  • Irrevocable citizenship once granted
  • Dual Citizenship allowed
  • No requirement for physical stay in between or after completion of process

How to apply?

Investor can qualify for Citizenship by Investment by either of the below options.

  • Contribution to Sustainable Growth Fund (SWF)

    Post expiry of Hurricane Relief Fund from 1st April 2018, St Kitts and Nevis launched new Sustainable growth fund. By contributing US$ 150,000 towards the fund an investor can qualify single applicant for 2nd passport. Correspondingly, as a special offer government of St Kitts has offered 2nd passport for 4 family members with contribution of US$150,000 until end of 31st December 2020.

  • Real Estate Investment

    Investor can purchase any government approved property to qualify for Citizenship. Through minimum investment of US$ 400,000 applicant can apply for 2nd passport. However the investor needs to hold the property for minimum of five years before they can resale it. Although, investor also has an option to invest in a shared property of minimum US$ 200,000, which can be resold after seven years to qualify for Citizenship.

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