Why Does the US Drop Personal Interview For H-1B & L1 Visas?

February 4, 2022 | Blog |

The surge in COVID-19 cases has led to the temporary suspension of personal interviews for H1-B and L1 Visa. The United States Department has decided to temporarily stop the personal interview requirement for a few visa categories in 2022.

The COVID-19 Omicron variant or third wave has made its way where applicants don’t have to undergo a personal interview at the US consulate. The in-person interview is the last step before the VISA is issued. The elimination of the last round has eased the obtaining of a VISA.

The categories for which the State Department has dropped the interview requirements are concerned with retaining high skilled talent from abroad. The US Consulate officers have received the authority to allow the applicants without in-person interviews and provide them petition based non-immigrant work visas in some specific categories such as

  1. In-Person Specialty Occupation (H-1B Visas)
  2. Trainee or Special Education Visitors (H-3 Visas)
  3. Intracompany Transferees (L Visas)
  4. Individuals with Extraordinary Ability or Achievements (O Visas)
  5. Athletes, Artists, and Entertainers (P Visas)
  6. Participants in International Cultural Exchange Programs (Q Visas)

The Secretary of the United States authorized the US consular officers to waive the personal interviews for some other categories covered in non-immigrant visas as well, such as

  1. Temporary Agricultural and Non-Agricultural workers (H-2 Visas)
  2. Student (F and M Visas)
  3. Student Exchange Visitors (Academic J Visas)

The pandemic again has entirely changed the working for Visa and also reduced the working capacity which is why the US Govt. eliminated the last step in VISA processing. The United State Departments has taken these temporary steps to ensure maximum safety and maintain the proper security protocols that eliminate the surge in cases.

The temporary drop in personal interviews provides an opportunity to enter and explore the foreign land with a visit visa. The changing times have given rise to challenges that can entirely affect the process of obtaining a visa without an expert by the side.

The surge in COVID-19 cases strikes challenges in entering a foreign country. Flying Colour Immigration Services has an entire team dedicated that helping you in retaining a visa without any hassle. The experts provide every detail that helps you in the process and retain the VISA without waiting for a long time.

The whole process of obtaining a VISA might seem overwhelming to the candidate when they don’t hold the proper knowledge. The temporary elimination of the last round could be a boon for those who are preparing to visit or have plans of settling down. The immigration laws and visa rules change over time where one should take guidance from a reliable source. Flying Colour Immigration Services holds immense expertise in the field and walks you through the entire process without waiting for long hours.

The applicant does not have to visit US Consulate offices located in the cities as this saves them time and in-person contact to reduce the spread. They are just required to send in all the necessary documents and get the visas stamped without any hassle.  

The immigration laws are quite complicated in each country no matter for what you’re applying whether it’s studying or start-up. It is recommended to use experts who can ease the process and makes you familiar with the rules and regulations before you step in for the long run. FlyingColour Immigration Services have a team of trained professional who helps you with the immigration process.

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