Why Choose Grenada – Citizenship By Investment

May 6, 2021 |

Famously referred to as Spice Island for its locally-grown spices, Grenada has several picturesque waterfronts amid all of the Caribbean. The pristine landscapes and scenery of this region are one to witness. And, more than that, these are some of the important reasons to plan your trip to Grenada. Sailing, diving, fabulous beaches, excellent restaurants, and dates of never-ending festivities have transformed the status of Grenada as a preferred place for several high-net-worth business people to invest.

Why Go For Grenada?

One of the primary reasons why you would want to go with Grenada is that it recognizes dual citizenship. This simply implies that investors can benefit from their present passports. The Grenada citizenship by investment system offers several prime benefits as given below.

  • A fast processing system, which takes place within four months
  • Insertion of dependent children that are under the age of 30 or mentally challenged fully supported by and living with the primary applicant
  • You can include dependent siblings.
  • One can include dependent parents.
  • There is no physical residency requirement.
  • You are not required to visit Grenada while your application is under process.
  • No education, interview, or management experience is needed.
  • Visa-free visit to more than 125 nations, including the Schengen zone of Europe
  • No tax applied to your worldwide income.

What Qualifications Do You Need?

It is vital to know that the Grenada Citizenship by Investment came in 2013 the Grenada Investment Act. Under this, the country’s pilot scheme enables qualified investors along with their family members to appoint themselves and apply for citizenship. Moreover, in recent times, tourism has promoted and become the leading field for direct foreign investments in the country. 

Moving forward, in order to qualify for Grenada citizenship, you should qualify for one of the investments stated below, which comes in addition to the mentioned criteria:

  • Have a high personal net worth.
  • Hold no criminal record.
  • Be of outstanding character.
  • Have excellent health.

What All Invest Options Do You Have?

  1. Real Estate Investment

With its economy shifting from agricultural-dominant to service-dominant, one of the most viable options for foreign nationals is an investment in a pre-approved real estate project. One of the award-winning destinations of Grenada, Mount Cinnamon, is attracting a lot of interest in the development sector. This has occurred under the Grenada citizenship by investment program, with more than 80% of investors sending their applications.

Your opportunity to purchase and own shares in Mount Cinnamon is an open invitation to become Grenada’s citizen. Here, you can begin a fruitful and long relationship with Grenada’s culture and later contribute to it in the future.

  1. National Transformation Fund Donation

Furthermore, under the National Transformation Fund Donation, applicants applying through Grenada citizenship by investment can donate around US$150,000 to the National Transformation Fund. Know that the minimum amount tends to cover primary applicants only. In case you are a family of up to four members, requirements for Grenada citizenship may be set at US$200,000.

Permanent Residency Certificates

If you are not familiar with the PR status when it comes to the citizen by investment program, know that it has been removed under it. Consequently, the country’s government has ceased providing PR certificates and cards.

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