What is Intra Company Transfer Work Permit and Immigration?

February 24, 2022 | | Blog |

The Intra Company Transfer Program allows foreign business owners to establish a Canadian subsidiary. The ICT work permit allows the individual to retain permanent residency and easily immigrate with their family to Canada. The Intra Company transfer work permit has some conditions that each individual is required to fulfill before applying such as

  • The applicant’s family member or business partner should own 100% of the Canadian subsidiary.
  • The subsidiary company should be incorporated in British Columbia and Ontario with 100% foreign ownership.
  • When the applicant has received an ICT work permit the spouse of the applicant is entitled to apply for an open work permit and children can apply for dependent or student visas to move with the family. If you are moving, get immigration and visa assistance from FlyingColour Immigration Services for smooth transactions and easy approval without any hassle.
  • After retaining the experience for 1 year, the applicant can easily apply for a Permanent Residency under the Canadian Experience Class category for easy approval.
  • After qualifying in the CEC category, the applicant gets priority under the PNP program from the province where the applicant is working or holding work experience of the same. When you qualify for the CEC, acquiring a PR becomes hassle-free as well as joining the PNP Program.
  • FlyingColour Immigration Services assist you in the preparation of business and also help you in developing and understanding by translating and notarizing the required documents.
  • FlyingColour helps the applicant to register a subsidiary in Canada with a business address. The business is entitled to hire 3 people minimum in Canada subsidiary and remuneration should be for at least two months. Afterward, they should apply for a work permit as it increases their chance of retaining it soon. 

Eligibility for ICT Work Permit

  • The applicant must have a three-year-old company running outside Canada and has the potential to expand in the Canadian market.
  • The company must have revenue of CAD 300,000 in the span of the last 3-4 years with increased profits and low debts.
  • The company must have an employee strength of 10-15 people with a significant hierarchy.
  • The applicant can be anything in the company such as owner, shareholder, senior manager, or general manager in the business.
  • The applicant should present the supply and sale contract of the parent company when applying for an ICT work permit.
  • The main applicant should have worked for a minimum of 1 year in a senior position in the company.
  • The applicant must have a Canada visit visa to sign up for a corporate bank account opening to commence transactions at a later stage with ease.

Intra Company Transfer work permit isn’t challenging to acquire. The applicant should state their requirements to FlyingColour Immigration Services. They have a team of experts on board who simplify the whole process and get you the work permit without any hassle and also help your family retain the student or spouse visa. 

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