Malta Residency and Citizenship by Investment

February 2, 2022 | Blog |

Malta Citizenship can be obtained by investing in real estate, Malta grants you full citizenship for life and it can be passed on to future generations for a secured future. Malta citizenship is one of the prominent and respectable citizenship that contributes towards the nation’s economic development.

Malta Citizenship by investment is focused on getting applicants that are directly linked with the country. Every successful applicant is granted citizenship in Malta through a Certificate of Naturalization which at a later stage can be used by extended families. FlyingColour Immigration Services experts help you in getting citizenship within a short period without paying any additional charge.

Requirements for Malta Citizenship

  • After getting the Malta Residency, the applicant is entitled to invest after 12 and 36 months when citizenship is issued to all the family members.
  • Malta Government performs extensive criminal checks which means the applicant must have a clean record to retain the Malta residency and citizenship.
  • The applicant should be in a healthy condition also he or she should have an International Health Insurance Policy until they receive citizenship.
  • The applicant is required to make a non-refundable investment in the National Development and Social Fund (NDSF).
  • The applicant is entitled to make some significant investments after receiving the Malta Citizenship Letter of Approval in Principle i.e.

Main applicant – €600,000 (3-year residency) or €750,000 (1 year residency)

Spouse – €50,000.

Dependent children – €50,000 each.

Dependent parents & grandparents – €50,000 each.

  • Once the applicant has received Malta Citizenship by Investment, he or she is entitled to donate €10,000 to the non-profit organization.

Benefits of Malta Residency by Investment

Visa-Free Travelling to 186 Countries

Malta Citizenship provides the access to travel visa-free. The applicant and their family can travel to USA and Canada without a visa. The user can travel to the Middle East, Africa, Asia, North, Central, and South America. This citizenship allows you to visit 26 Schengen visa countries with border checks which don’t even require passport and customs checks.

Excellent Healthcare System

Maltese has an excellent healthcare system which is one of the best and ranked by WHO. The individual healthcare insurance is fully funded and covers the cost of hospitalization, prescription, pregnancy cost, and any other special treatment.

Study in European Countries

Malta Citizenship by investment provides applicants and their families to live, work and study throughout the European countries. The children are entitled to study in all Maltese Public schools and Universities same as their permanent residents. The students can have access to top-notch education which is free of cost and inclusive of transportation and other costs. These universities are publicly funded and are accessible for all Maltese citizens.

Bottom Line

FlyingColour Immigration Services provide step-by-step guidance for retaining Malta citizenship. The applicant can gain access to the rapidly growing economy and can establish their lives without any hassle with the help of expert professionals who are aware of all the rules and regulations of Malta Citizenship.

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