How Does Canadian Express Entry Work?

May 6, 2021 |

There is always scarcity when it comes to skilled labor in countries. People who wish to move from their native countries either to change their way of living or find success often find challenges while applying for the right program. However, when it comes to Canada express entry, the government of the country has made it a lot easier for people who are willing to move to Canada. Meanwhile, express entry is the online immigration system that tends to manage skilled workers’ applications for PR to Canada under specific economic programs and schemes. 

It is not a program in itself. Instead, it is a method for picking the best candidates for the country’s existing skilled labor immigration programs.

Programs Covered Under Canadian Express Entry?

  1. Select streams through Provincial Nominee Programs
  2. Federal Skilled Trades Program
  3. Federal Skilled Worker Program
  4. Canada Experience Class

Process of Express Entry

Under such a program, candidates are required to submit their self-attested profile online to the pool of Canada immigration express entry. Further, the profile goes through scoring using a ranking system that is quite comprehensive. 

Are you eligible? 

If you are not aware, points under such an entry are scored on the basis of core factors like education, age, language ability, and work experience. Moreover, a lot of points are available for a provincial nomination and eligible job offer. Post that, all the top-scoring candidates are provided with invitations to apply for PR through periodic immigration draws, which occur every couple of weeks.

Once a candidate is issued a coveted ITA, they have around 90 days to prepare and refine their application for Canada PR. however, this occurs only under one such program from the already-mentioned list.

In case you are unable to meet the deadline of 90 days, the ITA becomes invalid. It is essential to know that the target processing time for applicants who were received through Canadian express entry is six months, which gets achieved more than 80% of the time.

Advantages of Express Entry?

  • Electronic system: Under such a system, the entire application process is carried through electronic systems. This means that there will be no possibility for any sort of discrimination. 
  • Reduced CRS score requirements: In the next few years, Canada plans to let in more immigrants. As a result, they may reduce the bar of the minimum CRS score needed to get selected under the country’s Express Entry draws.
  • The federal system of immigration: Since the country’s Canada Express Entry happens to be a federal system of immigration, applicants who get an invitation to apply can then directly go for the Canada PR.

Why did Canada launch Express Entry?

The country launched express entry back in 2015 to transform its first-come, first-served system to a country that selected people with worthwhile chances of bringing economic success. Canada express entry is referred to as an example to the entire world of how to operate a flexible and fluid economic immigration program or system.

With meager and straightforward changes in the ranking system, the country’s government can successfully use immigration to labor market and economic changes. Since 2015, a couple of significant modifications to the CRS have occurred. 

In 2016 November, the entire system was changed to reduce points for a factor that later came out to be a job offer. Post that; they introduced points under the Canadian education credentials. Whereas, in 2017 June, more changes were sanctioned under additional points for French language skills and having siblings in the country.

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