All about Greece Golden Visa and its benefits

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Launched back in 2013, the Greek Golden Visa Program tends to grant a 5-year residence permit. However, to obtain the permit, an applicant must apply for an exchange of as low as €250,000 investment in the real estate sector. One can include their family members in the residency scheme. مراهنات كرة القدم In addition, the golden enables an applicant to reside in the country and travel across the entire Schengen region without any visa or travel permits. سباق خيول This guide explains some vital steps of your journey by finding out just what is required to acquire a golden visa. 

Golden Visa Greece Benefits

Visa-Free Travel with Residence Permit

This visa program proffers an applicant the complete freedom to travel throughout the Schengen area without applying for an additional visa. 

Right to Live in Greece 

When it comes to the right to live, the visa program provides you with your family members to reside in Greece. Speaking of which, there’s no limitation to how extended your stay is. Furthermore, there’s no minimum stay requirement.

Family Reunification

If you are thinking about your family joining you in the program, they surely can. The residence program enables an applicant to include their children who are under 21 years of age and spouse under the scheme. استراتيجية روليت This simply implies that all the family members can also enjoy and receive the exclusive benefits of the visa card. betfinal بالعربي  

Low Investment in a Promising Real Estate Sector

Among several golden visa schemes in Europe, Greece happens to have the lowest investment threshold. To qualify for this program, an applicant can start investing from €250,000 in the approved real estate sector.

The Double Taxation Treaty

Depending on your country and the time you spend in Greece, it is pretty likely that the international income you earn might not be subject to taxation in this European nation. In such a case, you can also maintain the business activities in other countries and enjoy several tax benefits.


Between 2014-2021, more than 9100 applicants obtained their golden visa cards in Greece. However, as of the current year, close to 27,449 permits under this program were allowed to primary applicants and their dependents. 

Eligibility Criteria for the Program

To qualify for this visa program in Greece, you need to meet the following needs:

  • Be a minimum of 18 years of age.
  • Be a non-EU/EEA country citizen. روليت للايفون
  • Should not have any criminal record
  • Should have a medical insurance
  • Should have a good character

Investment Options 

Several investment forms and types are there when it comes to qualifying for a Greek golden visa program. These comprise: 

  • At least €250,000 investment in the real estate market in Greece.
  • Around ten years of a lease agreement, be it furnished tourist residences or signed for hotel accommodations in integrated tourist resorts. العاب كسب المال
  • At least €400,000 investment made in the name of:
  • Shares or bonds of real estate investment organizations in Greece
  • Greek government bonds
  • Bonds and shares of private equity and venture fund with headquarters in Greece


The visa application process comes in a specific order:

  • Selection of the Investment Route and Property 
  • Legal Steps 
  • Acquisition of the Property 
  • Pre-Submission 
  • Visit Greece 
  • Greece Golden Visa Approval
  • Renewal of Golden Visa in Greece
  • Applying For Citizenship 

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