6 Things To Know Before Traveling To Canada

May 1, 2021 |

Leisure and working holidays in Canada are the most amazing things you can add to your bucket list. However, there are some of the essential things one must know before planning to move to Canada for holidays or  Canada PR.

Speaking of which, here are six of the worthwhile things you must know before traveling to Canada. Canada is a HUGE place.

Of course, you have seen the country on a map, but have you observed the demographics it has to offer? It is a ginormous country where you can easily get bang smack while being in the middle of it.

How enormous is it?

Canada is known to be the 2nd largest country after Russia. To set the tone straight, you will take around four years to walk its coastline. That is how big the country is. There are cities such as Toronto on the east coastline that are much closer to London than those like Vancouver that is situated on the country’s west coast.

Winter does stick around for some time in Canada.

If you have heard what winters are all about, you haven’t been to Canada. Before you move to Canada, know that Canadian winters are colder than an icy night in Greenland. Places such as Saskatchewan, Nunavut, and Manitoba experience temperatures like -30 degrees Celsius. So, while you apply for a Canada PR, pack a layer of fine and warm clothes. And, if you are someone who loves winter adventures, you are in for a treat.

Summer is a huge deal in Canada.

When you spend most of your time in freezing temperatures, the summer months can be a treat for you. Once the sun starts to rise and shine and the snow melts, every beer garden and patio will experience storming crows, making the most of the sunny weather. Remember, Canada express entry is not easy. You might have everything lined up, but to know and understand every season of this country is going to be a challenging job.

Poutine is a BOMB.

There are many reasons why Canadian citizens love poutine. That is because it is scrumptious and tasty. If you want to look for it around, you might have to ask the locals around. Nowadays, one can collect poutine everywhere in Canada. However, Quebec is where you can come across it.

Canada celebrates diversity

You must have read everything in the news before knowing the fact that Canada celebrates cultural diversity. Besides, this country has welcomed worldwide immigrants for generations now, and no matter where you are in Canada, you will be surrounded by people that have come from everywhere. Multiculturalism is a part of the country’s identity, and they have embraced the game of cultural diversity.

Welcome to some odd places in Canada

Calling some places as odd can be an understatement at times. So, here are Canada’s peculiar places that have off names:

  • Dildo, Labrador & Newfoundland
  • Happy Adventure
  • Ball’s Falls, Ontario
  • Punkeydoodles Corners
  • Spread Eagle Bay
  • Bacon Cove (Don’t get excited. The streets are not covered with or lined with scrumptious bacon.)
  • Stoner, British Columbia
  • Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump
  • Eyebrow

While you move to Canada, knowing everything about the country is something you should be familiar with. And, it is not just the immigration process but also the diversity and history of the nation.

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